Hello! I’m Andrea MacLeod, a graphic designer and communications consultant.

My design career began during my time as science editor at The Varsity newspaper. My first job as a newly minted UofT grad, it taught me lessons and skills I continue to use every day.

I figured working as an editor would hone my writing and editing skills, not realizing I would end up learning so much more than that. It was a crash course in meeting tight deadlines, attention to detail, and effective communication. It became clear early on that being hyper-organized and developing strong workflow systems were necessary to get things done.

After a few months, I started designing the science section layout. I soon fell in love with (what I later learned was termed) design communication, specifically how to visually communicate information with clarity and efficiency.

When my term at The Varsity was up, I moved on to working in-house as a graphic designer, then a communications officer. I learned the ropes of marketing, PR, and project management, and how they integrate with graphic design.

My shift to freelance design was based on wanting to work with and champion more than just one brand and company at a time. I am motivated and inspired by the variety of projects that come across my desk, but even more so by the people behind them. 

You put your heart into your work—my goal is to make sure your branding and marketing materials reflect that fact. Working with a variety of individuals and businesses has taught me one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Your hard work and unique view deserve the same in return.

My design process begins with understanding the heart of your message. From there, collaboration is key, working together to develop a design that communicates your message just the way you envisioned.

Ten years on from that fateful first job, I am the most enthusiastic about great design that I’ve ever been. I’m still passionate about design articulated with authenticity and precision. I still practice a simple, efficient workflow to get things done on time, to the highest standard.

I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful design friendship. Let’s chat about your next project.